Company Profile
Power Diagnostic Service Co., Limited (hereafter as “PDS”) started its research in on-line partial discharge measurement ( PDM ) in 2000, and intended to remedy the lack of traditional insulation diagnostics by on-line PDM. PDS serves industries by providing professional on-site service with extensive field experience, also researches and develops the most advanced power equipment condition monitoring and diagnostic system which minimizes the risk of valuable assets exposing to any threats.
Most customers of PDS are manufactures and power station, the background noise at field is considerably complex and PDS has put lots of effort to discover it. In 2004, PDS developed an unique method of on-line PDM, and successfully lowered down the risk of insulation breakdown for industries. As more and more knowledge acquired from on-site services, PDS integrated field experiences and the latest technique of measuring device. In result, two PDM instruments were developed in 2010: PDSolution, a portable multi-purpose partial discharge analysis instrument and PDSimply, a robust simple partial discharge monitoring instrument. Three years later, PDS releases a novel concept of on-line partial discharge monitoring service - PDCare, which integrates all forte of PDS, to serve customer for on-line partial discharge monitoring.
Beside the researches and development of the world class and the most advanced integrated power equipment condition monitoring & diagnostic systems. PDS has long served in the field by providing professional services including customized monitoring system design, advanced power system analysis, insulation diagnostic, on-line partial discharge measurement and providing solution to electrical related troubles that meets clients’ requirement.
PDS engineers utilize the latest electrical equipment, which integrated condition-based monitoring and diagnostic platform, offering reliable protection for equipment management of modernized and intelligent power systems.