Portable PD Analyzer
PDSimply Portable

PDSimply Portable

A 6 channel portable PD monitoring unit designed for temporary inspection on HV/MV equipment. Features real-time data processing, display and reporting function, and an optional remote analysis service with one-button upload.
  1. Complied with IEC TS 62478
  2. 6 channels, For temporary monitoring: easy to cross-compare different equipment and phases
  3. Ultra-High-Frequency (UHF) bandwidth: 50MHz – 900MHz, compatible with most PD sensors
  4. Built-in high pass and low pass filter, can eliminate most background noise
  5. Multiple display mode: to observe PD in detail more easily
  6. Easy-link: provide fast connection between measurement instrument and laptop
  7. 4.4kg compact and rugged design, build for rough environment