PD Monitoring System


PDSimply is an economical solution for on-line partial discharge monitoring system, which integrates extensive field experience. PDSimply adopts two characteristics making on-line partial discharge measurement (PDM) easy.
● The state of art UHF (Ultra-High-Frequency) PD detection technology avoids the interference of background noise;
● The rule of thumb in identification of partial discharge signals confirms the existence of PDs by PD level and lasting time.
  Main Properties  
PDSimply is a cost-effective solution, and can simultaneously monitoring
6 switchgears/cable joints/cable terminations, or
2 rotatory machines, or
1 transformer (primary side and secondary side).

  PDSimply can make on-line PDM simply  
● Installing simply: required no computer installation makes it easy to setup and configure.
● Measuring simply: the technology of wide measurement frequency bandwidth makes it easy to detect PDs.
● Analyzing simply: the rule of thumb in identification of PDs makes it easy to distinguish PDs from high background noise.

  PDSimply has various application  
● At stand-alone mode, it can monitor local equipments.
● At network mode, it can monitor a group of equipments from different location.
● By the equipped potential free dry contacts, it can cooperate with any kind of SCADA.

  PD Trending  
The low frequency components of input signals below 150 MHz are filtered out, and the PD pulses are extracted from the remaining signal. The PD level is calculated by averaging the peak values of these pulses for a period of Tduration to form the PD trend. This trend may be resolved over periods from minutes to years depending on available memory space. If the PD level is higher than specified level for a period longer than specified period, a warning/alarming signal will be issued. Every time the PD level drops than the specified level, the warning/alarming signal will disappear immediately and the timer is resets.
Screen of PD trend
Description of setting
Recorded PRPD Patter

  PDMS Software  

“PDMS-USB”, and “PDMS-Trend” are the software for stand-alone mode and network mode respectively, and both can set up to 6 channels, receive data from PDMS, and plot the PD trends.
● The minimum requirement of operation system for PDMS-USB and PDMS-Trend is Windows 7 or later.
● The PDMS software will show: when the PD occurs; what PD level is; what the pulse number of PD is.
● The PDMS software can set wholes setting of PDMS, including warning/alarm PD threshold, warning/alarm duration, and etc.


*: only available on PDSimply+