PD Sensor
UHF CT PD Sensor

UHF CT PD Sensor

UHF CT is designed for the partial discharge measurement on high voltage equipment, and it mainly senses the change of transient magnetic field caused by partial discharge activities.
● Attached to ground wire of high voltage equipment without closed to high voltage, high safety.
● Small size, easy installation.
● Consisting of passive elements, low failure rate.
● Wide frequency range, from 30 MHz to 900 MHz.
● 50 Ω impedance, suitable for different instruments, such as oscilloscope, spectrum.
● Broadly application: cable terminations, cable joints, transformers, high voltage motors.



UHF CT is attached to the ground wire. Because the noise level of ground wire is usually high, it is recommended to attach UHF CT to the ground wire closed to cable terminal, and the electric field is not affected by the UHF CT.
If there is no cable terminal adopted for the cable connecting high voltage equipments, UHF CT can be attached to the ground wire of high voltage equipment under test, and the distance between UHF CT and the equipment under test is as close as possible.

UHF CT installation