About PDCare  

PDCare is an integrated automated on-line partial discharge monitoring service which monitors insulation condition of power assets; it detects insulation deterioration and notifies the user with any threat that could lead to catastrophic results. PDS engineers,  who possess strong understanding of all power system, are providing data analysis from 24/7 monitoring and cross-comparing with same type of equipments and history data.  PDCare is a preventive maintenance, requires no interruption of service. By adopting PDCare, life cycle of equipments can be maximized, meanwhile eliminating unnecessary labor and maintenance expenses.

  Benefits of PDCare  

● Avoid unnecessary replacement by understanding the exact insulation condition of equipments in order to maximize the operating hours.
● Clients can access to the monitoring system to check the equipment condition, PD trend and other information anywhere and anytime with just access to internet.
● Concise summary of measured results allows user to easily understand and interpret the insulation condition of equipment.
● Notification will be pushed to clients when the PD level exceeds the alarm level through any channel upon clients’ preference.
● Identify specific failure mechanisms in order to take the most appropriate approach prior to a forced outage or more serious issues.
● PDCare prevents personnel injuries, unexpected outage, production losses, and many other possible consequences.
● Transform time-based maintenance to condition-based monitoring with improve overall reliability.
● Low cost comparing to periodic maintenance.

  Wide range of application  
Generator, transformer, HV cables, motors, and switchgears are all typical assets that are exposed to risk of insulation breakdown by PDs. PDCare can be adapted to all of these high voltages infrastructures to assess the degree of PD activity caused by insulation deterioration.

  What else is included?  

  • 24/7 Monitoring service
  • Real time analysis by PD service team
  • Remote status browsing capability
  • Event notification (SMS or email)
  • Event report (whenever alarm is triggered)
  • Periodical report
  • Risk assessment
  • Sensitivity and performance checkFree software upgrade
  Pattern and trend analysis  
In the monitoring system website, user can view the monitoring status  at overview page, and further observe PD activities by reading some fundemental factors, such as magnitude, trend, pulse count and dynamic PRPD pattern. The user-friendly interface allows user to read and understand the current condition easily.

Trend analysis

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